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About Java 7

Q: Is Java SE 7 ready for general use?
A: Yes. Java SE 7 was released in July, 2011. Since last July, Oracle has released a steady stream of updates, addressing critical and other issues found during testing by Oracle and the Java developer community.

Q: Will feature Java SE 7 downloads?
A: Yes. Starting with the Oracle JDK 7u4 release, will point Java SE users to download Java SE 7.

Q: How does the automatic upgrade work?
A: When you have auto-update turned on your system periodically checks for new versions of Java. When a new version is found we ask you permission to upgrade your installation. If you accept we will replace your old installation with the new one. Once we start upgrading to Java SE 7 we will remove the last installed version of the Java SE 6 JRE and install the Java SE 7 JRE instead.

Q: I'm using Java SE 6 on Windows. Will I get automatically upgraded to Java SE 7?
A: Yes. Unless you intentionally take action to not get upgraded. See the next question.

Q: I am using Java SE 6 on Windows, and do not wish to automatically upgrade to Java SE 7 right now. Can I delay the automated upgrade?
A: Yes, you can. There are a few options to keep JRE 6 on your system.

If you want to keep using Java SE 6 until the last public update you can manually update to the next version by downloading it from OTN. This will work up to November 2012. For enterprise customers, who need continued access to critical bug fixes and security fixes as well as general maintenance for Java SE 6 or older versions, long term support is available through Oracle Java SE Support.

You can also disable the auto-update functionality manually, although we do not recommend it. You can find the instructions on at

If all you want is to keep a copy of the Java SE 6 JRE as well as a copy of the Java SE 7 JRE you can download the latter from OTN and as of 7u4 from - rather than rely on the auto-update functionality to install it for you. The automated upgrade only removes the latest version of Java SE 6 JRE if you haven't installed Java SE 7 yet.

Q: I stopped the automatic upgrade as described above, but now I want to get upgraded. How do I do that?
A: First please uninstall Java SE 6 from your system, then download and install the latest version of Java SE 7 from

Q: I am using Java SE on a Mac, Oracle Solaris or Linux. Will I get automatically upgraded to Java SE 7?
A: No.

Q: I'm using Java SE 5 on Windows.
A: Yes, you will be auto upgraded to Java 7. For technical reasons we will first have to upgrade you to Java 6 and then to 7.

Q: I'd like to report an issue with the automated upgrade. Where should I go?
A: Please report any issues to our feedback page.

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