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Can Java downloads be infected with a virus?


According to my anti-virus client software a malicious virus appears to have been downloaded with my Java download from
During the install process, the user may be presented with a message saying that the virus has been found in javaw.exe.


If you have an older version of a signature file in place for your anti-virus client software or your specific anti-virus client software vendor may have failed to include into their latest signature file that the current version of Java is not a virus, it may therefore result in a false-positive state, where you are led to believe that you may have downloaded a virus with your latest version of Java software.


Every version of Java software is scanned with multiple antivirus products, at every stage of development, and before they are released to the public. We go through great lengths to ensure that our software is virus free.

We recommended that you update your anti-virus signature file or contact your anti-virus client software and advise them of the false-positive statement from your anti-virus client software.

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